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A webinar is an online seminar you can watch on your computer or mobile device. Webinars enable many people – in different geographic locations – to share a common experience in real-time and to interact via a chat box with the presenters and participants.

The webinars are recorded enabling you to view the webinar at your convenience after the live event. All registrants are emailed a link to the webinar recording, a copy of the power point and a list of resources for future reference.

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Anger after Cancer – “I finished treatment, so why do I feel so angry?”

April 2018
Panellist biographies: Kim Hobbs, Maxine Rosenfield and John Doe, test
  • Survivorship

Work and Cancer – “How do I manage difficult conversations at work?”

March 2017
Panellist biographies: Professor Bogda Koczwara, Sally Linwood, Mubarak Suleman and Jane Doe
  • Work & Cancer

Fatigue after Cancer Treatment – “What can I do to stop feeling so tired?”

February 2017
  • Survivorship

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