Work and cancer

Information for employees, employers and workplaces dealing with cancer



Employee information

Key questions about cancer and work
Find answers to common questions about cancer and work.

Making decisions about work and cancer
Explore reasons to work, what to consider when making a decision about working and employment options during treatment and recovery

Working during cancer treatment and recovery
Find a balance with work and cancer through flexible working arrangements, accessing your leave entitlements, returning to work plans and employee rights

Coping with treatment side effects at work
Discover ways to manage and control treatment side effects by making adjustments to your work schedule and environment

Changing jobs during and after cancer treatment
Information and tips for finding a new job, telling a potential employer about your cancer and concerns about discrimination

Self-employment and cancer
Information and tips for the business owner, freelancer, contractor, farmer or entrepreneur on making decisions about working, financial issues and talking to clients about cancer.

Working carers
Information for working carers and balancing caring duties with work responsibilities with the needs of caring duties

Employer and workplace resources

Workplace fact sheets
A series of 10 Workplace Fact Sheets developed to assist managers and human resources professionals to provide a supportive and fair work environment.

Workplace posters 
Raise awareness of cancer support within the workplace. A free service for cancer patients, their families, friends and colleagues


Previous webinars

Workplace webinar library 
Watch recorded webinars providing information and strategies about personal and workplace issues


13 11 20 Cancer Information and Support

A confidential service where you can speak or email a specialist health professional about anything to do with cancer.

Phone us on 13 11 20 or email us your questions
Hours: Monday to Friday 9am -5pm
Translator service available for languages other than English – Phone: 13 14 50

Cancer Council Information Service

Information and support available within hospitals and treatment centres around NSW.

Find out more and locate an information service near you