Leave a gift in your will

Leaving a bequest in your will can mean a world of difference as we work for a future free from cancer.

Your stories

Including a bequest is not an alternative to looking after your family, it’s a part of it. Read why some of our supporters are leaving us a gift of hope for the future.

Read their stories

How to leave a gift?

We take you through the steps of creating or changing your will to include a gift to Cancer Council NSW.

  • Getting started
  • Making a will
  • Updating a will
  • Wording a will

Why leaving a gift in your will matters

It is our vision that together we will beat cancer. When people like you trust us with a gift in your will we make sure your money matters:

  • Our commitment to you
  • The importance of our research
  • Where your money goes

What type of gift can I leave in my will?

Being wealthy is not a prerequisite and a desire to look after your family does not have to preclude you. The outcome of a bequest gift is consistent – continued funding to improve the lives of cancer patients and carers.

  • Residual

    Cater for loved ones exactly as you wish & give Cancer Council NSW the most possible help

  • Percentage

    Allows your gift to maximise as your estate matures

  • Specify an exact amount from your estate

  • Assets

    Any items that you own – property, cars, shares, jewellery

  • Special Arrangements

    If you have a complicated estate or wish to specify, other than general purpose, how your gift is used please contact us.

Notifying us about your bequest

Communicate your wishes to your loved ones and please consider telling us about your bequest. Notifying us does not alter your right to change or update your wishes if circumstances change but it does help us plan for the future.

If you have left a gift in your will to Cancer Council NSW, please do let me know. Getting in touch will help our team to plan research investment for a future where we are stronger than cancer.

Professor Karen Canfell, Director of Cancer Research